05. – 06. October 2019 // Bochum Germany
Javascript Conference
Ruhr Valley

Kate Beard


Architect Your Culture Like You Architect Your Code

At a coding bootcamp, you have 3 months to go from zero to dev. Without feeling empowered by a culture of psychological safety to ask all the questions, make mistakes, and sometimes fail hard, you would never learn what you needed in the time given.

Imagine if all of the spaces we inhabit as coders throughout our careers - the communities we're part of, the companies we work at, the teams we’re on - offered this environment? How much more would we learn and contribute?

This talk offers insight from my time at Founders & Coders: how we achieved this culture, what we did right and wrong, and how you can translate our cohort’s experiences into actions to improve the communities and companies you’re a part of.

Speaker Bio

Kate is a former photographer, writer, barista, and linguistics graduate who found her love of programming early last year. She learned to code at London's nonprofit, peer-led coding bootcamp, Founders and Coders, and now works at the Financial Times as a junior engineer. When she isn't coding silly side projects in her spare time, she's probably drinking coffee, patting her guinea pigs, or thinking about drinking coffee and patting her guinea pigs.

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